The proverbial carrot given to rabbits as part of their daily food is so far from the truth in terms of healthy nutrition and what they can safely eat. In their natural habitat, wild rabbits have access to a varied diet of fresh grass, herbs, twigs, branches and berries. When we domesticate rabbits and keep them in captivity, we remove them from their natural diet, and it is up to us to give them a balanced diet. By giving them at least 3 – 6 different fresh greens and vegetables a day adds variation and is more exciting to eat. Vegetables and leafy greens also contain many nutrients and the high water content helps to hydrate the intestinal content and further improve digestion. 

I have made detailed lists of various rabbit-safe foods along with some information, which has been collated from various websites, chat forums, books and people’s personal experiences. I have included information on plants and other foods that should be avoided and are toxic to rabbits.


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